CONDO / Q Bay @ 9 Tampines St 86


In this Modern Interior, our homeowners simply loved the colours of the Coast – and wanted for their home to imbue the peace & serenity the seaside holds.

Keeping that in mind… We decided on the main use of White & Drops Of Icy Sea Blues, paired with Beech Wood Doors, Blinds & Warm White Lights: to create the same ambience a coastal home would give on any good day – topped with a modern twist for a relatable apartment context.

  • Project: Living Room, Hallway & Bedroom Renovation
  • Budget: $26,000 (EST)
  • Concept: Modern Design
  • Scope Of Works: Carpentry/ Storage/ Bed Head & Bed Frame/ Ceiling Works/ Electrical/ Glass Works/ Invisible Grilles @ Balcony/ Painting of Main Door’s Wrought Iron Gate.