CONDO / Cliften Condominium @ 48 Ewe Boon Road


A Contemporary Home Renovation kept Clean & Pretty in sheets of Pale cream and Browns – we love how its warm white lights beats down on its seamless interior, leaving a gentle shimmer that’s soothing at any view.

For extra coziness, we had to have its living hall transformed into a little enclave of the home – using partitions and false ceilings – to provide a deeper sense of coziness and warmth.

  • Project: Full Home Renovation
  • Budget: $78,800 (EST)
  • Concept: Modern Contemporary
  • Scope Of Works: Demolition Works/ Carpentry/ Tiling (Italy Tiles)/ Plastering/ Chengai Decking at Balcony/ Parquet Varnish/ Vinyl Flooring/ False Ceiling/ Glass Works/ Ceiling/ Electrical/Doors / Mirror Work/ Painting/ Plumbing/ Solid Surface/ Aircon Works/ Invisible Grille.