First 5 Things that Visitors Always Notice

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When you have guests coming over to your house unexpectedly or they tend to inform you at the last minute. Pretty sure, not everybody’s house is an pleasant view all the time. Here are the five things that guarantee your house is always prepared for unexpected guests.

1. The Entrance

In order to keep your entryway tidy, firstly put away shoes from the main door. Sweep the front entry and make sure the visitors have a space to remove their shoes. Additionally, you can use fresh flowers or indoor plant to freshen up the space.

2. House Smell

Your nose has gotten to the smell of your house but visitors are very much welcomed by your house smell first. It’s a good idea to burn scented candles – place them strategically. Open up your air vents or windows to let the air inside your house.

3. Clutter – Free

Everybody has clutter in their house, you aren’t the only one. With kids, it’s all the more insane. Now, we’re not suggesting you to completely get rid of all the clutter in your house but at least you can do frequent dusting. Store your kids toys in a stylish baskets or simply clean social spots such as the dining table and kitchen island.

4. Unclean Bathroom

An unclean/dirty bathroom is a sign of unsanitary and it is extremely unhygienic. Positively clean your washroom at least on alternative days. Don’t forget to wipe the mirror’s and restock the toilet paper.

5. Pet Duties

Being a Pet/Pets owner can be quite tedious. Especially having a dog or cat – can be daunting. Your pet’s hair is unappealing. Don’t neglect your pets toys, clean up the area around their food and water bowl.

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