Our Design Process

Silvotino’s Standard Protocol — a crucial step during any renovation: this is the phase where we’ll develop your Interior’s Design concept — based on your ideas & preferences — for an accurate crafting of your desired space most suited to your ideals & lifestyle..

Let’s Plan

We’ll kickstart your ideas by mapping it out on paper — digital or hand-rendered — here’s the stage where both parties (You, The Homeowner & Us, Your Designer) will understand on where things should & would be placed & how we can design it to fit to your space’s context. From the location of lights, wardrobes & even the extensiveness of hacking — we’ll pen it down before moving forward to how it’s Designed.

Time for a Sketch

Hand-Drawn for you to better visualise — this is the part where we’ll start to inject ideal themes/concepts to form a rough design — giving you a food for thought on how things should/could be in accordance to your Ideas & Preferences. Once done, it’s off to the computer for the first review of the Final Design.

The Ideal Design

After much discussion, the Ideal Design is finally out — locked in as a 3D Render for you to view — here’s the best/last stage for you to correct the proposed look for your space, just before word gets out to our team on the fabrication/installation of the requested works.

Although it’s possible to make certain last-minute changes during the Execution Phase, it’s still highly recommend to get the design finalised before then, to ensure a smooth & promised cost renovation.